Bushducks Global Adventures writes rural and backcountry travel guides. Following the publication of several books in North America, Bushducks is currently working on a rural travel guide for Ireland.

We would be interested in your opinion. If you are living in Ireland, or an overseas visitor, we would like to hear about your holiday experience in Ireland, and the sort of things that you are interested in. The collected answers will help shape the format of the new European series of rural travel guides.

If you also work in travel or tourism, you may also fill out the Industry Questionnaire.

Section 1: For Everyone

1. Tick all that describes your current/most recent/upcoming holiday itinerary:
Visit friends/family Research family history See where our family came from
Visit major cities Visit major tourist attractions A trip of a lifetime to fulfill a dream
A good place for a romantic getaway See the landscape Discover the Irish way of life
Meet the local people Experience Irish pubs Sample traditional Irish food and drink
Hear traditional music Study the Irish language Golfing
Fishing Hill walking Family walks
Watersports Horse riding Other outdoor activities: please describe:
Children's activities Photography Painting
Arts and crafts Galleries and museums Literary or artistic pursuits
Ireland's prehistory (e.g. ringforts, standing stones, dolmens) Ireland's medieval history (e.g. castles) Ireland's modern history (e.g. the troubles, Celtic tiger)
Ireland's religious history (e.g. holy wells, churches, cathedrals) Ireland's heritage sites (e.g. Duchas sites) Religion and religious sites
Shopping Specific events or festivals - which?
Other - please explain

2. Was there a single most unforgettable experience from your trip? It doesn't have to be major; sometimes the most memorable experiences are the small, simple things.

3. What areas or counties did you visit?

4. Where did you stay? Tick all that applies:
Castle or high-class hotel Small hotel Chain hotel
Guesthouse B&B Hostel
Caravan Self catering Camping
With friends or family Other - please explain

5. Did you have any overall guidebooks (Lonely Planet, Insight Guides, etc)? Which ones?

6. Did you have (or purchase) any specific books? (e.g. local history, holy wells, pub guides etc.)

7. What approximate percentage of time did you spend on:
Major arterial roads Minor roads Lanes Non-motorised travel

8. Would you travel on small, single-lane roads to visit sites of interest?
Yes, definatly Possibly, for some of the time No

9. Was your aim to hit the major tourist attractions (e.g. Bunratty Castle, Giant's Causeway), or explore the out of the way places?
Major Attractions Major attractions and out of the way places Out of the way places

10. Did you see any of the lesser-known historical features of Ireland? (e.g. holy wells, ringforts, standing stones, tombs)
Yes - lotsOnly a few None

11. Are you interested in the local history of where you visit? Yes No

12. Did you take an organised tour or were you an independent traveller? If you were part of a tour, skip to next section. Took a tour Independent traveller

13. Did you have access to a vehicle? Passenger car SUV/4x4 Motorbike Bicycle

14. Did you plan an itinerary beforehand, or go where the road led? Planned an itineary Went were the road led


Section 2: For overseas visitors
If you normally live in Ireland, skip to section 3.

1. How many times--including your current trip-- have you visited Ireland?

2. How long were you away from your home?

3. How long did you spend in Ireland?

4. What other countries did you visit while you were away?

5. Would you like to return to Ireland, or are you more likely to try a new destination? Return to Ireland Try a new destination
If new destination, where?

6. Did Ireland live up to your preconceptions and expectations? Exceeded expectations Met expectations Did not meet expectations
If not why not?

7. Do you plan on visiting Ireland in the future? Next 3 months Next 6 months Next 12 months Sometime Never

8. If you previously have visited Ireland, will you: Return to places you previously visited Visit new areas Take a more in-depth look at the country, i.e. delve past the well-known attractions


3: The Other Stuff

1. Would you be interested in a guidebook for self-guided tours that lead you to the quieter roads, features, towns and villages of Ireland? Yes No
If not, why not?

2. Have you seen such a book?Yes No

3. Anything else you'd like to tell us? Comments? Suggestions?
4. Where do you normally live? (state/county and country)

5. If you normally live in Ireland, do you holiday in Ireland or overseas?
Prefer Ireland Prefer overseas Both
If overseas, where?

If you would like to be notified via email when the book is published, please enter your email address below. It will not be used for any other purpose.

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