Jeep trails - backcountry roads - camps - National Forests - 4x4
A Bushducks itinerary helps you with all of these!

How will you spend your next break in the bush or backcountry? Endlessly debating where to go, wondering if a certain jeep trail is suitable for your 4x4, or even if it goes through. Reduce the time and effort involved in trip planning by letting the experts plan it for you! Especially valuable if you are visiting an unfamiliar area.

We cover SE Australia, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Wyoming, Ireland, and Spain!
A Bushducks Itinerary can include any or all of the following:

  • Detailed directions, including road/track names and numbers, and identifying features
  • Track description including difficulty, hazards, and suggested level of driver/vehicle competence
  • Points of interest with descriptive and informative notes
  • Accommodation or campground options, with phone numbers and price range
  • Bushcamping areas with a site description
  • A list of suggested maps
  • Availability of services - food, fuel, ice
  • Photos sometimes available

All itineraries are individually prepared, so send us an email at

giving the following information:
  • Your name and email address, home town, state and country
  • Approximate dates of travel
  • Area you wish to visit
  • Specific tracks/features/towns you wish included
  • Whether camping or staying in motels or cabins
  • If camping, whether you want to stay in popular areas/campgrounds or isolated bushcamps
  • Number in your party, ages of children, pets
  • Vehicle make and model, modifications if any
  • Driver experience
  • Indicate the level of difficulty of tracks you want take using the scale on the right and the % of time you want to spend on bushtracks
  • How often you want a "rest day" when you don't move on

Difficulty Ratings:
1 - Graded, gravel or formed dirt forest roads. Suitable for passenger vehicles in good weather
2 - As 1. but may be slightly washed out requiring high clearence. 4wd when wet or slippery
3 - Rough, rocky 4wd track, suitable for stock vehicle in mainly high range. Slow going in places
4 - As 3. but slow going for most of the distance
5 - Rougher, rockier, experienced driver in excellent stock or modified vehicle. Some obstacles may require assistance

Fees apply for this service.

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