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"Thanks for offering such a wonderful resource. I recommend this site to every owner who is looking for decent service that does not insult our intelligence or assult our wallets. Bravo!"
JohnMc, Allexperts.com

"Many thanks for the site. It was very helpful in planning our trip and we deeply appreciate your hard work."
George Welles, Minnesota

"Thanks for a great service in your Colorado Pass page. It really helped us plan ahead for our trip."
Suzi Herman, Ohio

"Bushducks' website is terrific! Thanks to you, we were able to plan our trip through the Colorado mountains, secure in the knowledge that the trails were open and driveable. Great work, Bushducks!"
The Cray family, Texas

"You folks are fabulous. Thanks for the quick response."

"We have been using the High Country Pass Status pages since 2002 to make sure our TrailDamage.com Club trips are fun for everyone. Thanks to Bushducks.com we always know what to expect on trails in the high country, and we've never been unexpectedly turned back by snow or damaged trails. The site has been an extremely valuable resource!"
Monica, Colorado

About the Backcountry Adventures series
"A Must-Have SUV Backcountry Guide Book. If you like maps, GPS coordinates, a bit of history, and great description of trails, then I've found the guidebook for you. Backcountry Adventures... is truly the ultimate guide to the backcountry in several western states for anyone with a sport utility vehicle. I now have the entire set. I won't leave home without them! I find these guide books to be user-friendly, complete, and very importantly, accurate. I have verified many of the trails portrayed in the several of the states. These guidebooks don't lead you astray. I also like the fact that there are plenty of pictures to peek my interest in trails I've yet to do. The Utah guide book for example, includes over 500 photos."
Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador

"You have to see these books to appreciate them... Books covering several areas are available. Don't miss this one!"
Trucking Times & SUV News; October, 2002

"I am writing to express thanks for the work you've put into the Backcountry Adventures books. Please share this with the authors, editors and researchers.

"I have been using your books Backcountry Adventures - Northern California and Southern California for over 8 months now and they are terrific."
A Backcountry Adventures reader

About Backcountry Adventures: Utah
"4WD Adventures: Utah is perhaps the most comprehensive backcountry guidebook we've seen to date."
4 Wheel Drive & Sport

"There are other four-wheel guides but 4WD Adventures: Utah is the first to try and cover the entire state."
Deseret News

"The 540-page tome is an incredible resource for getting to, and returning from, almost anywhere in Utah. Concise maps, backed with GPS, makes getting lost something you'd have to do on purpose... To borrow a line from a well-known company: Don't leave home without it."
Truck Trend

"Similar to any good history book, once you get started, it's hard to put down. Not only will it help flesh out your adventures off road, it will also broaden your appreciation of this beautiful country... The wealth of information is second to none."
4 Wheel Drive & Sports Utility Magazine

"Every detail, from planning a trip to learning the history of your destination, is covered by the authors with experience!"
Moab Times-Independent

About Backcountry Adventures: Arizona
"Using this guide, SUV owners should be able to explore areas they never knew existed, plus identify plants, animals, and ghost towns they'll see along the way-safely and without getting lost...It's the most comprehensive guide of its kind and nothing else comes close."
Arizona - Side Canyon Travel Store

"Based on our initial experience, we expect our review copy of Backcountry Adventures: Arizona to be well used in the coming months... To say we'd strongly recommend this book is an understatement."
Auto Week

About Backcountry Adventures: Southern California
"Another excellent volume in Swagman Publishing's impressive Backcountry Adventures series with 153 trails, 640 pages, and 645 photos. These guides are the best."
Side Canyon on Southern California

About Backcountry Adventures: Northern California
"This massive piece of research is one terrific reference book...The $34.95 book is worth every penny."
Los Angeles Daily News

"Bigger and fatter than I ever believed would be appealing for 4X use... the best backcountry guidebook I have ever seen! Backcountry Adventures: Southern California, (part of a series) is so complete it has no equal."
Harry Lewellyn, Author

About the Land Rover mechanics' page
"I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for a wonderful website and such valuable information. Being a relatively new Land Rover owner your mechanics' listing was a real lifesaver; I was able to find a great shop nearby and won't have to drive hours away to an overpriced dealer.
Brandon Martin, North Carolina

"Thanks for all of your good work. We really appreciate you."
Eurover Automotive Services

"Great page. I found a mechanic on your Land Rover page who was able to work on my Series vehicle."
Jeff Young, Colorado

"We always ask new Land Rover clients where they heard from us and sometimes your site has been mentioned. We appreciate the referrals."
Cerrone's European

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