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Silent stone figures gaze serenely over the landscape from a ruined church in Co. Clare.


Sunshine illuminates this 13th century stone font




An ethereal soundtrack blends seamlessly with images of ancient Ireland as the camera pans slowly over a verdant landscape. Here is the Ireland of imagination, the Ireland of the Celts and faeries, and rich folklore; of invaders from the sea, and the green, green land of old.

Lyrebird Media--the brainchild of Mairéid Sullivan, and Ben Kettlewell--in association with Bushducks, have produced a new DVD, Time after Time , a timeless artscape covering three continents. Mairéid, who hails from Bantry, Co. Cork, and Ben, who is a descendent of the Cherokee, have drawn deep on their experiences of Ireland, North America, and Australia to produce this work. Currently resident in Melbourne, the duo have long been involved with the folk and art scenes on three continents.

Time after Time is not merely a music video, although it prominently features the soaring vocals of Mairéid Sullivan, and the accomplished and flowing guitar playing of her partner, Ben Kettlewell. It is not merely a series of stunning visuals, although it contains scenery that catches the breath. Forgotten icons and cultural symbols, along with vivid landscapes, story-telling, and impelling songs, steal upon your imagination and perception of these ancient peoples. This is not merely a telling of history, of the patterns of migration and settlement, and of ancient displaced people, although the ancient peoples of Ireland, North America, and Australia are sensitively featured, and their stories voiced for the listening.

Time after Time is a taste of all of these elements. History is woven with words, song, poetry, and speech, and the viewer is transported around the globe through these three areas that share the common bond of spirit. Even if you're watching it in a suburban living room, the DVD takes you to the verdant Irish landscape, west across the Atantic to the New World, and south to Australia's weathered soil. The poetry of W. B. Yeats, the stirring words of Native American leaders, and the poignant chants of Australia's aboriginal people echo the theme of this film over and over. The enduring strength of the Earth and her people, the need for harmony, and the drumbeat refrain of change permeates this production. Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell undertook a challenging task, and succeeded with this telling production, a virtual journey that entices you to travel time and again, and with each passing gain a new experience.

Stark and ruinous against a cloudy sky, the remainders of Ireland's history are seldom visited.

Bushducks is proud to be an integral part of this venture. A multitude of photographs from Bushducks' archive of Celtic Ireland, of her mysterious and magical places, were reviewed for suitability before being used in this kaleidoscopic journey through the Irish landscape. Don't expect this to be a predictable tour through Ireland's tourist traps. The photographs were deliberately selected to show a long-ago Ireland, she of the standing stones, cairns, crannogs, and inscrutable stone figures. Bushducks' photography shares screen time with unrivalled images from Trinity College, Dublin, NASA, The Australian National Library, Kakadu National Park, and of course Lyrebird Media.

Read about the making of the film in Mairéid's words

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Read what others have said about Time after Time :

"Time after Time embraces the viewer with a vision of three rich cultures. Images, songs and poetry are woven together to create a mesmerizing and enchanting film that propels this art form to a new level. It's magnificent. I was really moved."
Kevin Childs, Australian journalist

"A coming together - a sharing from the heart."
Bobby Bunningurr, Elder of the Maliburr tribe, Arnhem Land

"A lyrical and jubilant interpretation of the human spirit through time and cultures - a visual and aural feast to remind us of our common harmonious ancestry."
Brian Kavanagh A.S.E. Film Editor
Australian Film Commission
Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

© Bushducks, 2004
All photographs, © Bushducks, 2001-2005

Order the Time After Time DVD, and music CDs by Maireid Sullivan from Bushducks using Paypal. Your order will be shipped directly from Lyrebird Media in Australia.

  front cover Time After Time DVD
(PAL Region free format. Order this option for outside the U.S. and Canada)
$30.00 U.S.
A celebration of the great heritage of ancient Celtic, American, and Australian peoples, in film, photos, music, historic speeches, poetry, and song.
  back cover Time After Time DVD
(NTSC format. Order this option for the U.S. and Canada)
$30.00 U.S.
As above, but DVD format for the U.S. and Canada
  never drift apart Never Drift Apart CD
"Irish songstress and Celtic chronicler... Possessing a rich, pure voice and a poet’s vision... soothes and uplifts... haunting, beautiful, gorgeous." Mike Daly, The Age, Melbourne, Australia
$15.00 U.S.
  for love's caress For Love's Caress CD
"...a bold, daring and courageous album full of unexpected twists and delightful turns.....a sweet oasis of transcendental delight." John O'Regan, Rock'n'Reel, Ireland
$15.00 U.S.
  dancer Dancer CD

"She sings with a voice filled with passion, mystery and wisdom. She sings of creating a better world, shaping our tomorrow. Reaching for the music of the spheres, with nature as an anchor, she reminds us that life is a dance and we are the dancer." Kevin Maxwell - Music Manager, The Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles
$15.00 U.S.

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