Performance Chips vs. Performance Parts:

A Step-by-Step Comparison

If you're upgrading your Land Rover or other SUV, there are several major factors to consider before deciding what upgrade options are best suited to your needs. Some SUV owners really like to physically modify their vehicles, changing significant facets of the SUV's design and installing an array of performance parts like turbochargers and nitrous kits. Other SUV owners would rather keep things simple, and get as much out of their vehicles for as little work and money as possible, and look for upgrades to meet that need. In the following breakdown, we'll consider various comparisons between performance parts and performance computer chips, so you can make an informed choice on which type of add-on will best help you.

Installing the Upgrade

If you're technically competent in automotive maintenance and upgrading, and actually enjoy spending hours working through complicated installations, physical performance part add-ons may be perfect for you. Though they're time-consuming to install, the accompanying benefits they provide will be more substantial than with ECU chip add-ons. For novice installers, performance chips are easy to work with, and don't require anything but basic automotive tools to install. In significantly under an hour most people can install an SUV performance computer chip, and if you have a recent model, it's also unlikely you'll have to reset the ECU as well, which is even less time and effort you'll have to expend to get improved performance results out of your vehicle.

Results from the Upgrade

When it comes to power improvements, most physical performance parts are going to provide greater gains than performance chips. Turbochargers, for instance, can add an extra 400 horsepower to a vehicle, while a performance chip may add up to 60. The chip, however, is much easier to install and much less expensive, so you get more bang for your buck out of a performance chip. Both types of add-ons are efficiency-enhancing as well, and a chip alone can save you 4-7mpg in fuel.


This category's an easy win for performance chip add-ons. Many performance chips cost well under a hundred dollars, and are so easy to install that you won't have to spend extra on professional installation or advanced automotive tools. That may not be the case for items like turbochargers, which can run well into the thousands and are more complicated to install, meaning many owners end up having to pay even more for a shop to install the parts for them. If you have unlimited cash to throw around, performance parts are certainly beneficial, but for most drivers, a performance chip performs very well for its cost.

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